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Buying a Home

Buying a house, you've come to the right place!

Preparing for the Lender

  • Full names of all purchasers as they are to appear on title
  • Social security numbers of all purchasers
  • Present residence address for all purchasers
  • Previous address for all purchasers going back two years if they have not resided in the present home for two years
  • Home, office and cell phone numbers
  • Present Employer: Name, address and a contact person to send employment verification form
  • Explanation for any gap during two-year history
  • Relocation letter for any transferees, providing date, salary, new location and any relocation benefits
  • Previous Employer: Name, address and a contact person, going back two years if not in present job two full years
  • Present Salary: Year to date pay stub and last two years’ W-2s
  • If any variable income, commission, part-time income, bonus, overtime, interest income, etc., is being used to qualify: Two years’ signed federal tax returns and W-2s and/or 1099s
  • If self-employed: Two years’ signed federal individual and corporate returns (if applicable), and a profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Diploma or transcript if student during two-year period
  • Rental Income: Copy of lease, which is current, and at least one year in length
  • Alimony and Child Support (only if used for qualification): Copy of divorce decree and property settlement (ratified) setting out terms. Proof of payment will also be requested at application.
  • Income From Notes Held: A copy of the ratified note
  • Retirement, Social Security and Disability Income: Copy of award letter and latest check showing amount of present payment. Copy of year statement if applicable.
  • Bank Accounts: Name of bank, address, account numbers, types of accounts and present balances. With checking, use average balances. • Copy of two most recent statements of all accounts
  • Stocks and Bonds: Copy of certificates or copy of recent (within 30 days) broker statement listing the holdings
  • Life Insurance: Cash value, only if being used for down payment
  • Vehicles: Year, make and value. Copy of title if under four years old with no outstanding lien
  • Real Estate: Address and market value. If free and clear, deed of release, deed or mortgage payoff
  • Present Home: Copy of sales contract, settlement sheet and/or lease.
  • Gift Letter: Form will be provided by financial representative. Donor Capacity must be verified. Receipt of funds must be shown in account
  • Credit Cards: Account numbers and outstanding balances
  • Loans (Auto, Mortgage, Personal, Student, etc.): Name of institution, address, account numbers, outstanding balances, monthly payments and months left on loan. Copy of next payment coupon. Twelve months of statements or canceled checks for present mortgage. • Alimony and Child Support:
  • Alimony and Child Support: Copy of Ratified Decree and property settlement setting out terms
  • Certificate of Eligibility: To obtain certificate, you will need a DD-214 (Separation of Service) or if in the Service, you will need a Statement of Service signed by a Commanding Officer of Personnel Officer (certificate must be updated prior to application).
  • If in the service, you will need Authorization to Live Off Base (DD-1717 from Housing Office) and Transfer Orders (if applicable).